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Bottled water-quality – without all the plastic
If nothing but the best drinking water will do for you, you’re looking for Pura Fresh – our multi-stage reverse osmosis purification system that effectively reduces lead, copper, arsenic, and other contaminants in your water. By installing Pura Fresh, a family of four can save up to 3,000 plastic water bottles in one year!

Better water for your whole kitchen, and your whole family
Pura Fresh removes impurities as small as an atom, so you can count on safe, fresh best tasting water. Not only will your family, pets, and even house plants benefit from better drinking water, you’ll also notice the difference when cooking or in juice, coffee, tea, and ice.

Bundle Pura Fresh with other Pura products and save
We’ve created bundle pricing when you buy Pura Fresh with another Pura water treatment solution!

2-year system warranty and a 10-year warranty on the tank.
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Buy, Rent, or Rent-to-Own
We offer flexible options that fit your needs. Contact us and we’ll work with you to review your options.
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If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within the first 30 days, we will refund your money.

Replace Filters with Ease

Pura Fresh’s  Quarter-turn Quick Connect Disposable Filters allow you to change out filters in seconds! You don’t even have to shut off your water.

pura fresh reverse osmosis drinking water system installed under sink

Easy to Install

Pura Fresh is easy to install, and fits easily under your sink.

Bundle Pura Fresh with Any Water System for $50 OFF

Pura Soft Pura Soft Pura Refiner Pura Refiner Pura Refine MAX Pura Refiner MAX
Home Size 3+ Bathrooms Up to 2.5 Bathrooms 3+ Bathrooms
Softens Water
Filters Water
(Removes Bad Taste & Odor)
Efficiency Mid
Up to 50% Less Salt; 28% Less Water1
Up to 75% Less Salt; 64% Less Water1
Up to 75% Less Salt; 64% Less Water1
Delivery &
Professional Installation
- Satisfaction Guaranteed -
Free2 Free2 Free2
Price From $9993 From $1,4993 From $1,3993
Pura Fresh
Bundle Price
$50 OFF total purchase with addition of Pura Fresh Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System
Offer ends August 31, 2021
Warranty 5-yr system warranty
10-yr tank warranty
5-yr system warranty
10-yr tank warranty
5-yr system warranty
10-yr tank warranty
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1. Figures compared to conventional Mechanical Timer Water Softener 
2. Installation costs may increase in certain instances where installation needs special treatment.
3. Some models offer two sizes. Taxes apply.

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