Environmental Impacts of Water Filtration

Great-tasting, high-quality water at home might be the most obvious benefit of installing a Pura product, but did you know that it comes with eco-friendly perks, too? 

Person smelling fresh clothes after a wash

Less energy usage

With your appliances running at their highest efficiency, you’ll decrease your energy usage. Say goodbye to double loads of laundry or running the dishwasher twice because items didn’t come out clean enough the first time! With softened water, you’ll also find that washing your clothes with cold water will clean just as well as washing with hot water, which also reduces energy consumption. Overall, less energy used means a reduced carbon footprint!

child helping parents unload the dishwasher

More efficient appliances

Imagine keeping your home appliances – like your washing machine or dishwasher – and all of the taps and shower heads in your home running like new, even after several years of use! Softened water can sustain the efficiency of your appliances by preventing scale build-up, reducing the amount of maintenance needed. As a result, your appliances will last for years, which helps to reduce consumption and landfill waste.

a collection of unsightly bottle waste

Decreased bottled water usage

With great tasting, purified water straight out of the tap, a family of four can save up to 3,000 plastic water bottles in one year! You’ll be reducing your carbon footprint and the amount of plastic waste entering our oceans – how great is that?

a group of young community members cleaning up littler

Reduced harm to the environment

Soft water lathers much easier than hard water, so you’ll be able to use less dish soap, laundry detergent, and shampoo every time. Less products used equals less packaging in the long run, reducing harm to the environment – and saving you money!

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