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The Best Water Softener for You

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Getting rid of hard water in your home doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s how to choose a water softener that’s right for your household.

Hard water is super tough on everything from your appliances to your skin, but figuring out what to do about your hard water can often be a little overwhelming (or just another task that you don’t have time for). Luckily, making it easy to have better water in your home is what we do, so here’s your cheat sheet for how to choose a water softener, plus some side benefits like professional installation, that will take the stress out of hard water.

First Things First: Your Water Issues

To start with, if you’re not 100% sure that your issues are stemming from hard water, you want to make sure that’s the case before investing in a softener. Here are some of the simplest-to-spot signs that you have a hard water problem:

  • You have spots on your glassware and silverware straight out of the dishwasher.
  • Soap and shampoo don’t seem to lather well when you wash your hands or your hair.
  • You feel a film on your hands after washing them, and it seems tough to rinse soap away.
  • Your hair looks and feels dull.
  • You notice stains on your clothes after washing, and your laundry feels stiff and scratchy
  • Water pressure in your home seems to be worsening over time.
  • Your toilet bowl has brown or reddish staining that’s hard to remove.
  • You’re constantly scrubbing soap scum from your shower walls and your tub.
  • You notice a lot of gunk building up in your shower head or faucets.
  • Appliances like your dishwasher or washing machine seem to be working poorly, or wearing out quickly.


Choosing a Water Softener for Your Home

There are, of course, many options for water softeners out there, all with complicated specifications and descriptions. To help keep things simple, focus on a few questions:

  1. Hard water problems aside, do you have any additional issues with the taste or smell of your water?
  2. Are you concerned with removing other impurities or contaminants from your drinking water, or is it strictly softening you’re after?
  3. How many bathrooms do you have in your household, and how many people live in your home?

Based on your answers to the questions above, we have some Pura products that will do the trick for you, bringing softer, better water to every appliance and tap in your home.

If you want to improve the smell or taste of your water as well as hardness, or you’re concerned about other impurities or contaminants, choose a water refiner like Pura Refiner or Pura Refiner Max.

While a water softener strictly softens, Pura Refiner and Pura Refiner Max also improve smell and taste. This means that along with better laundry, longer-lasting appliances, less cleaning, and better-feeling skin and hair, you’ll also get great tasting drinking water straight from the tap (great news for the environment AND your bank account), and better coffee and tea. You’ll notice the difference better water makes in your cooking, and your pets and your houseplants will benefit, too. And on top all that, your shower will be free of the swimming pool smell that often comes along with chlorine used to treat municipal water.

If you have 3 or more bathrooms in your home, and 3 or more people living in your home, choose a higher-capacity product like Pura Refiner Max. Simply put, the product you choose needs to be able to keep up with your family. More bathrooms and more people means more water usage, and Pura Refiner Max has a higher flow rate that will keep up without missing a beat. If you have less than three bathrooms, and just 1 or 2 people living in your home, the more compact Pura Refiner will most likely be a great fit for you.

If you’re only looking for softer water and want an economical solution, check out Pura Soft. Simple, reliable, and affordable – Pura Soft is a great solution for you if you need to take care of a hard water problem, but are not concerned with taste, smell, or other contaminants.

Don’t Sweat It – The Whole Pura Process is Risk-Free

Typically, after wading through the information and choosing a water softener, your next problem is installing it. But with us, you don’t have to worry about that either. We’ll set you up with a highly trained and professional installation expert who will take care of everything. You also don’t pay anything until your product is in place in your home and working properly.

Let our Customer Service team wow you – you can chat with us on our website, send us a message, or call us. Ask us more about your water concerns, make sure you’re getting the right product, discuss buy, rent, or rent-to-buy options, or set up your installation! Better water is just a click away.

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