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What, Exactly, is Reverse Osmosis?

Filling up a glass of water

Not sure which way to go? Let’s break down your options.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) has become a bit of a buzzword – but what does it mean? We’re here to break it down for you.

Remove impurities from your water the size of an atom.

At its most basic level, RO is a process to remove impurities – like foreign contaminants, minerals, and solid substances – from water by pushing the water through specialized semipermeable membranes. The membrane has small holes that block contaminants, but allow water molecules to pass through – leaving you with water that’s completely purified. RO systems, like Pura Fresh, also remove sediment and chlorine from the water before the water gets pushed through the semipermeable membrane. Then, the water that’s been treated is stored in a small tank until you use it.

Common Contaminants 

So what kind of contaminants do you need to remove from your tap water?

Almost all water contains traces of minerals, contaminants, impurities, and even microorganisms. While the water coming out of your tap has been treated to meet safety standards at a treatment plant, it can pick up new contaminants on the way to your house, like:
  • Silt
  • Sediment
  • Water main buildup
  • Metal particles from corroded pipes
  • Sediment buildup from your hot water tank

Benefits of a Reverse Osmosis System

Pura Fresh effectively removes lead, copper, arsenic, and other contaminants in your water to leave you with bottled water quality – minus all the plastic waste! Installing Pura Fresh means you save 100% on bottled water, and it also means that you’re throwing less plastic out into the landfills. On average, a family of four can save up to 3,000 plastic bottles each year by installing Pura Fresh! Installing Pura Fresh also means you can count on the safest, freshest, and best-tasting water possible. Not only will your family, pets, and even house plants benefit from better drinking water, you’ll also notice the difference when cooking and in juice, coffee, tea, and ice.

Don’t lift a finger – we’ll install your new system for you

Don’t worry about DIYing your new RO purification system – we’ll make that easy, too. Our trained service providers will make sure that your Pura Fresh is correctly installed and working properly, and we’re always here to help if your system needs any servicing. Hit the chat button on our site at any time to talk to a friendly Pura representative, or head over to our contact page to call or message us. We’re here to help!

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